1491414198426_imageHave you ever found yourself roving aimlessly through life? Living for the moment and making decisions you know are going to catch up eventually, unable to stop. Navigating your way into  a life you never intended, disconnected from the God who created you. You find that the vibrant world you once lived for has now turned bleak. Grey skies abound and then BAM!! The entire universe seems to come crashing in on you. In that moment you find yourself buried under the copious debris of your reckless decisions. Left at rock bottom, flat on your back, with a decision to make.

For me, that moment was sitting on the toilet of my one bedroom apartment, glaring at two lines on a Dollar Tree pregnancy test. Alone and in a full-blown panic attack. Asking myself how I allowed myself to get to this point. Absolutely hopeless.

But, It was in that very moment I heard God speak to me for the first time in a very long time. He spoke to me with such compassion and assurance that He was saving my life and that I needed to trust HIM. Enough was enough.

There I found myself left at rock bottom, flat on my back with a decision to make…

Please allow me to share my journey. A journey of a broken woman.